Business cycle of Marriage-Child-Cursing

Sumeet | February 20, 2018

Business cycle of Marriage-Child-Cursing

Mind you this is very our vicious circle from the time of our forefather’s

The riches knowing and the poor unknowingly producing the same number of kids. Can this be a reason for their lifestyle!

What do the poor do the most, religiously – cursing the riches/ businessman/ billionaire/ private school/ play schools/government, either may be in group discussions or sitting in front of TV. For what! Not taking care of them and their kids. Confused, see the example, crying- the government not giving more housing scheme or hiking electricity bills or providing no discounted water supply. PLEASE stop being a liability for the government

If one really wants to be rich happy prosperous, first thing needs to be done is get out of this vicious circle and stop creating hell for themselves and as well as for their kids

Our kids are way too precious than to be left for the government to take care. Please don’t get offended, I am not here to criticize but to make you all realize that if kids are the aim then first work for the aim

Let’s take another example, examples makes the concept easier. I want to buy the Rolls Royce for my child, so will I be begging the government for that or asking them to have the Rolls Royce subsidized. So WHO IS AN IDIOT- Idiot is person earning 16k per month and buying a car with 16k EMI per month

NOW TELL ME- what do you call a person getting married and having babies, without earning enough

Now addressing to the dearest and lovable relatives and the neighbors who are least bothered about me, my life and my problems but wants to me to get married ASAP. The best answer I have received till date from them for getting into this vicious cycle is – that kids will take care of me at the age of 60

Can we now remold the answer and say, have babies to curse their life from childhood with my dreams of doctor/engineer and adulthood with my responsibility

When I will have kids the reason will not be that they will take care of me in my old age but I will have kids when I will be able to afford that luxury without burdening them with my dreams

The only thing I want here to stress upon is that I don’t want to get in to the long admission queues or sit in front of TV criticizing the government (the list is very long). I wonder when will this vicious circle end and how can I contribute in its termination

Benjamin Franklin once said β€œMany people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.”

Problem is not that government is not producing jobs (as due to the growth of artificial intelligence it will now not be possible for government to produce jobs for such a large population)

Problem is that people are producing more people even when they cannot afford that luxury. Later everyone blame the government for high education cost, high housing cost etc

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  1. Correct correct… I too believe in it first earn and then marry and then do kids… Nice thoughts put into words. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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