Sumeet | February 14, 2018

Love can be a trap

The kind of love, right now prevailing in market is the Movies Love-

“Dear, we must not hide anything from each other”
“Dear, you can keep all your secrets and passwords safe with me”
“Dear, this love is complete and endless with stamp of almighty.”
“Dear, will you sacrifice your freedom for me”

What extend or how correct are these statements to be made or promises to be kept. Let’s see.

Love today is like a trade between the two people to kill the personal identity and get love in return. We are trying to become something that we are not, we are trying to portray or project ourselves, as expected by the lover (only initially, because this doesn’t sustain much). We try to kill the space of them by ogling into the passwords, their friends, their whereabouts in our absence and wanting an update of every moment from one other.

Firstly, the husband on name of LOVE makes the wife totally dependent over him- for taking to shopping, to relatives, to gatherings, to weekend’s hangouts and ending up becoming the only peephole to the world for her. Now she waits every day for husband’s arrival, only when he is at home she could plan something for herself. This wait starts from the time he leaves for the day. And by any chance if at all he is late, it induces anxiety frustration in the spouse. Because one hour of delay is almost equivalent to five hour of waiting. The pile on starts, anxiety, frustration, insecurity, possessiveness, everything boils down to ANGER, as of course there is fear of losing the peephole.

Eventually the husband thinks that he has dug his own grave, as this frustration doesn’t remain with wife, it comes to the husband through various channels, without realizing that he is the sole creator of that handicapped love. He has given her a life devoid of profession, devoid of her own friends, devoid of her own hangouts.

But why the husband did so! Was it a deliberate act! I believe even some where even he was insecure of leaving her independent to the world. Again that possessiveness has played its card, that if she becomes on her own, why would she need him or may be later why love him.

LOVE today is an illusion, just like an Indian Madari, we chain ourselves to the owner in exchange of love, we dance to his tune because he fulfils our need. We might get something to some extent but have to sacrifice the individuality and freedom.

Guys remember one thing, everything comes with an expiry. Something born has to die one day. If not end then has to follow the ONLY law of nature i.e. to CHANGE. Naturally the love has come to you, can go as well. We must respect and not destroy the privacy independence individuality of the other person. And give freedom for getting in or out of relationship without cheating or being cheated.


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