QNET and E-Commerce

Sumeet | February 12, 2018

QNET and E-Commerce

Don’t be fooled by joining QNET or any such company that sell their own products through you, making you a sales agent of their company and misguiding you by giving an illusion that you are doing your own business, It is not E-Commerce Business. People join QNET thinking they are doing some E-Commerce business or you can say they are injected to think they are doing some E-Commerce/Online business but that’s not true actually they are made fool and prepare to make others fool.

Under the umbrella of this beautiful concept of E-Commerce business, QNET is trying to sell their own overpriced products and making people QNET sales agents instead of educating them how to do online business of their own choice.

What is E-Commerce business:

E-commerce business means selling products of your choice following legal guidelines on E-Commerce sites like Amazaon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Shopclues or creating your own website and selling products through it.

When people join companies like QNET etc. they are told many times that they are doing some E-Commerce business which is a totally wrong. QNET IRs are also sales staff whose company do Network Marketing. But they are told and motivated like they do some type of business only so that they can convince other people as well with this false belief.

E-Commerce term is used by companies like QNET which wants to put this false belief into the minds of its associates that they are also business persons and doing some E-Commerce. Which is bad as if they will act like a businessman without being one, why would they even try to be one in actual. They are brainwashed in such a way that they find very hard to accept this very simple logic that they are just like any other network marketers and not an actual business person.

They often misguide people by giving them wrong commitment that they will do business in QNET. Later when people joined the company they are told to repeat the same with other people as well. QNET is a direct selling company like many others.

Network Marketing/Direct Selling power we all know that this concept is one of the best way to promote product or the services. The same concept is used by QNET. But other Network Marketing companies tell its associates that if they will promote their products, they will get commissions, rewards etc.

QNET on the other hand gives false illusion to its associates that they are now business persons and doing E-Commerce business but actually they are doing the same as people do in many other network marketing companies which is promoting products or the services through network marketing.

Which is also one in the thousand reason why people feel cheated after joining this company.

Promoters only file the Income Tax Return, Like Network Marketers do in many companies. Business persons will file GST return as well with the Income Tax Return. Why? Because they are actually business persons.

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11 comments on “QNET and E-Commerce

  1. Hello Sumeet…
    Wonderful article and very well written.
    Qnet is the biggest scam currently going on in India.
    I was part of Qnet and left it for good. I realized its nothing more than scam.
    Under the hood of dreams and other false claims these people are luring innocent people and stealing their hard earned money.
    Just like you I am doing my bit to spread and expose this scam.
    My article is below

  2. I Was Fooled By My Friend… he said pay1.5 lakh rupees.. and you will get 5 star hotel free for 5 years… 5 days 6 night for each year …including room and breakfast only… he fooled me always that no position available yet… he later called me in cafe coffee day… he started addifying his business amd so called partners.. then the partner came… talked to me make me big fool… he said me to get 3 lakh rupees. I denied.. he said.. as u he is your friend.. you can join in 1.5 lakhs only… i said ok… i joined.. they gave me books… 6 books.. 9 dvds in which all brainwash kind things were there… i followed what they said.. they always keep saying follow your upline blindly and you will get an audi very soon… i followed them… one day they gave me a script in my hand and said me to call my relatives and friends.. they make me follow the script.. they plug earphone… one IR will put one earphone in thier ear and other in mine.. they let me talk and write on paper what they wanted me to say… while meetings they oftenly says me.. we dont signup below 2.5 lakh… only poor peoples came here with 1.50 lakh.. so then i decided i had taken a wrong step
    I stopped going there… they call me daily.. they force me to meet them i go there.. then i scold the upline for cheating my owns from me… they said u cant do anything in your life after 2 years u will again come here… today i had 2 websited.. and i am earning well… the way they teach me to post pics and let everyone know that u r in business … same way i make them jealous too……
    Bro .. u had took great step against them… lets be patriotic.. and unite together to ban this company.. we could save our money

    Our peoples..

    I hope my broken english could let u know… what i meant to say

    Good luck for your blog

    1. Very well said… These qnet buggers need some lesson to taught..
      One fool making a fool of another to be a fool and then asking all others to join..

  3. I was fooled by my manager.
    Paid 2400 Dirhams.
    They have a plan which plays with the emotions of people.
    They call you in a big hotel & do not give you a chance to pose questions and are very aggressive.

  4. Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  5. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  6. Where is Qnet link who consumer affair department
    Please share link of Qnet has notification of consumer affair department

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