Why Not To Buy A Harley Davidson In India

Sumeet | May 27, 2018

Why Not To Buy A Harley Davidson In India

For past 2 months, I have been asking myself “Does brand matter?”  Then I realized that brand doesn’t matter, trust does.  A brand represents what a person can expect to get as a result of becoming a customer. It is not merely what you say you do — it is what you actually do, how you do it, and why.

After researching the market, I finally bought a Harley Davidson bike last year in June 2017.  I loved the bike, had no issues until I went for my second service in March 2018.

After my second service, they truly reminded me of their famous slogan “So screw it, let’s ride.”  They totally screwed it with their careless service, casual approach, work around fixes and ignorant behavior towards their mistakes; and then asked me to just ride it away.

Oh it’s gonna be very long, so keep patience while going through the details.

March 17, 2018 – Second service done at 9150 km (Red Fort Harley Davidson, remember this name and be sure not to even go around that showroom)

March 31, 2018 – I noticed oil leakage from the oil filter.  I called Red Fort HD and they asked me to visit their service station, where they kept my bike for a day. When I collected my bike, I was told that everything is perfect now. It wasn’t a big deal and they fixed it.

April 5, 2018 – Had same issue again – oil leakage.  They kept my bike again for few days. After a thorough examination, they said that some part was broken during second service (which they didn’t notice earlier when kept my bike).  As the part is not available in India, they need to order that from US and meanwhile they fixed the problem (I am sure it was desi jugad, a work around.)  I was about to take a trip to Chandigarh, so I asked if the engine oil and other things are all good. Their response was affirmative and convincing (after all they kept my bike for so long); however, for my knowledge I asked them to show me how to check the engine oil and to my surprise there wasn’t a single drop of it in my bike. Great service, they filled that with tons of apologies with every drop of oil going inside my bike. Warning lights on the panel were also my concern, which they completely ignored on the ground that everything will be fixed when they replace the part (which they ordered from US)

April 27, 2018 – The day I can never forget. I was supposed to start a business trip (a total of 6000 Km.) Noticed warning lights flashing on the panel (which they already ignored in my previous visits to their service center) and oil leaking again (which they still failed to fix permanently.) Pulled over, called them, informed them and requested pick up. I was asked to ride to their service station, assuring me that it is totally safe if I ride under 40kmph. I was doing what I was told when the coolant pipe blast in the middle of NH8. There was smoke and some part started to melt. Luckily no one was hurt, so I called them again and requested a pick up again.

Now my bike is with Red Fort Harley Davidson for a month. Here’s what happened:

  1. Carelessness during second service led to oil leakage
  2. Carelessness in fixing the oil leakage and sensor malfunction led to coolant pipe blast in the middle of the road

It just didn’t stop here. I wrote about 7 mails to Red Fort HD and Harley Davidson India. They kept ignoring the concerns in my mail and then they started ignoring my mails as well (no acknowledgment at all.) I wrote mail from a different email address with different name, and to my surprise they replied to that as if they were sitting in front of the system with their mail account open.

May 4 – First mail

May 7 – Apology mail as a reply

May 12 – Second mail (No reply)

May 16 – Third mail (No reply)

May 20 – Fourth mail (No reply)

May 21 – Fifth mail (No reply)

May 21 – Sixth mail (from different account and got immediate reply)

May 21 – Seventh mail (from original account and again no reply till date)

After being ignored every time, I decided to call their 1800 number. Initially they picked my call and assured me that I will hear soon from them. After that they didn’t pick my calls either.  Called them from different number and they picked and promised to revert back in an hour. It’s been days now.

Conclusion: Never buy Harley Davidson in India. If you still wish to waste your money, then don’t buy it in Delhi. If you still can’t resist and doesn’t care about your life, then make sure you don’t buy it from Red Fort HD at least.  The only thing that differ these people from others is that they are working for Harley Davidson (which is just an empty name with this kind of after sale service and approach.)  If you still wish to say “screw it, let’s ride,” then scooty isn’t bad for that.  At least it won’t cost you almost a million rupees, and for 50k 2-wheeler you can actually say “screw it” after going through so much trouble, mental harassment and torture-like post sale service.  I can bet on it that scooty manufacturer care more about their customers than this empty-brand company.

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5 comments on “Why Not To Buy A Harley Davidson In India

  1. Seven emails means a lot of patience which is too much for anyone.
    Go ahead just sit at Red Fort HD and ask them for a new one if they are not able to fix/repair it if it’s under warranty, every time part replacement is not a solution.
    ask them for an upgraded version with the same pending warranty the day you submitted the bike

    1. Thanks for the concern buddy
      They are only replying with “Sorry for the inconvenience caused”

      I have taken the case to Indian consumer court now
      Lets hope for the best

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